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Bewegung für progressives Judentum
1020 Wien, Robertgasse 2, Tel: 967-1329


Invitation to our Inter-Faith Street Party


Organized jointly by the religious communities in the 6th District

(Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Moslem)

and supported by the local District Council

Vienna’s very first Inter-Faith Street Party

under the Patronage of District Councillor Renate Kaufmann


Date: Saturday 5 June 2004, from 12h to 18h




We begin with music, multicultural food and drink, demonstrations of the Buddhist art of archery, opportunities to meet and discuss with representatives of the five world religions, information desks and book stalls, a quiz with prizes, children’s activities

 14.00h - 17.00h

Cultural displays by artists from the world religions on the OPEN AIR STAGE, including the Ghana Minstrel Choir, the Christian singer Georg Huber, the Moslem group Tymata, an Indian Temple Dancer, Bosnian-Moslem and Jewish singers and much more


End of the Party

Place: Garbergasse in 6th District (near to Westbahnhof) 

The Party takes place on the street, which will be closed to traffic, and in the Bosnian Muslims’ Community Rooms, Cafe Ephata and St. Vinzenz von Paul Park.